Physiotherapy is a diverse, multifaceted treatment that helps rehabilitate people affected by injury, illness or disability. It combines many modalities of healing, all of which are based on medical science, to restore the body back to optimal health, mobility, and vitality.

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 Orthopaedics & Manual Therapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Work-injury Rehabilitation


Intramuscular Stimulation

Vestibular Rehabilitation and Balance Training

CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation


Bike Fitting

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Electrophysical Modalities


Orthopaedics & Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the hands-on treatment for pain and injuries that involve your muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Manual bodywork can be essential in regaining a wide range of motion, building muscle strength, and managing pain.

Your treatments might involve taping, bracing, custom orthotics, and gentle physical manipulation that can mobilize the body and reduce inflammation.


Sports Physiotherapy

We totally admire the passion and determination that we see in so many athletes! Not only that, we fully understand the importance of vibrant whole-body health in order to preform our best, because all our practitioners and their families are athletic themselves! We can regularly be found skiing, running, cycling, golfing, and enjoying active Kootenay lifestyles. We believe in the true value in helping athletes continue to succeed without being hindered by injury.

Sprains, strains, and ligament tears are common in almost every sport – and we can help you overcome these, as well as prevent them from reoccurring! We’ll use hands-on techniques like taping, bracing, ultrasounds, and icing to stabilize and heal existing injuries.

Additionally, we’ll work with you for sport-specific exercises and training, pre-season conditioning, and education on re-injury prevention, to ensure that you make it through many seasons to come, with your full vitality intact.


Work-injury Rehabilitation

If you hurt on the job, we can create an individualized treatment and exercise program specifically for your needs, and help you understand how physiotherapy fits in as an important part of your rehabilitation. We’ll work with you for the duration of your healing, right from the acute injury, up until your re-entry into the workforce - including your return-to-work planning.

Additionally, we’ll work with WorkSafeBC on Job Site Visits and Job Demands Analysis, upon request.

We understand that the whole process of making a claim after a workplace injury can be complicated and intimidating, and we are committed to working with you through every step of the process. We want to help make your rehabilitation journey as smooth and effective as possible, so that you can return to work feeling your very best.  



Physiotherapy-based acupuncture is different than the acupuncture of Traditional Chinese Medicine (which you can learn more about here.)

Physiotherapy acupuncture still uses the same needles as TCM, but are inserted at localized areas of injury, immediately relieving tightness in the muscle. It can work wonders for sore muscles or hyperactive nerves, bringing immediate pain relief and relaxation to these places.


Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

IMS is very similar to physiotherapy acupuncture (described above) but is a total system for the diagnosis and treatment of issues resulting from neuropathy.

Neuropathy is pain, numbness, or hypersensitivity caused by disease or dysfunction in the nerves. It can be caused by injury, but sometimes an injury that seems so minor that you hardly recall it! However, once it sets in, it can be a very painful experience, often due to shortened muscles.

After your IMS practitioner offers you an assessment to determine if your pain is indeed neuropathic, they will then offer treatments about once a week that involve inserting needles (just slightly thicker than TCM acupuncture needles) into the afflicted muscles for just a few seconds at a time. While it can cause muscle soreness initially, this temporary discomfort is quickly replaced by relaxed muscles, reduced pain, and improved mobility! The number of treatments needed depends on the extent of your condition and how quickly your body can heal.


Vestibular Rehabilitation & Balance Training

Do you suffer from dizziness, vertigo, or imbalance? These issues can have a huge – and challenging! – impact on your quality of life. But we’re here to help!

Ryan Sleik has been practicing vestibular rehabilitation for the past 8 years. He has a masters in Kinesiology under his belt, with a research focus on balance problems in older adults. With years of experience behind him, Ryan can help you feel stable and balanced again.

After your initial assessment, Ryan will offer the likely cause of your problems and provide treatment and exercises uniquely tailored for you, to reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

Issues with balance, vertigo, and dizziness can be caused by neurological disease, such as Parkinson’s, MS, spinal cord injury, or stroke, but also by concussions, motion sensitivity, BPPV, or – simply – by just growing older.

Whatever the cause of your balance issues, though, Ryan is here to help. 


CranioSacral Therapy & Visceral Manipulation

CranioSacral therapy is a wonderfully gentle, non-invasive, hands-on therapy that’s been used for nearly a hundred years. Your practitioner will softly manipulate the joints in your skull, with the goal or restoring a natural rhythm in the central nervous system. The treatment allows your body to relax and self-correct where needed.

CranioSacral has been an effective treatment for migraines and headaches, chronic neck or back pain, fibromyalgia, fatigue, stress and tension, TMJ syndrome, facial pain, motor coordination disorders, orthopedic problems, and so much more.

Visceral Manipulation is a treatment that encourages the mobility of the internal organs – something that is supremely important to the overall health of the body. The gentle manipulation of the organs and their connective tissue can restore the health and mobility of individual organs, the system they function within, and the body as a whole.

Causes of the organs losing their mobility include whiplash, sports injuries, lower back pain & sciatica, digestive disorders, post-operative scar tissue, and anxiety or depression.

Joanna Sleik and Neil Ross, two of our Registered Physiotherapists, is highly trained in both CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation, and would be happy to provide you with these deeply healing, restorative treatments.



At Creekside, our goal is to help you build your body’s own natural orthotics! We believe that by training your leg and arch muscles, and working on the full body’s mechanics, it’s possible to eliminate the need for manufactured orthotics.

However, we understand that sometimes this training just isn’t enough, and that some people need the extra support that a custom orthotic can provide! In these cases, we work with Sole Supports - a world-renowned manufacturer of medical-grade orthotics – to craft you a custom-made pair.

You might benefit from these custom orthotics if you suffer from Achilles and heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma & Metatarsalgia, or persistent knee & back pain.

(Also, please note that, although most orthotics are covered under your extended health plan, you may need a doctor’s referral for a reimbursement. Our advice is always to contact your extended health care company beforehand, so you know the details of your coverage!)


Bike Fitting

Cycling is a quintessential part of the Kootenay lifestyle, and it comes with a host of benefits that support full-body wellness. It’s a great low-impact workout to keep your cardiovascular health in tip-top shape, your muscles strong and flexible, and your stress levels low!

However, in order to feel your best on two wheels and find your optimal performance, it can be important to have your bike fitted to your body. The bike fittings we offer are different than the one you’d get at your local bikes shop: we offer a complete physical examination of your unique body mechanics and flexibility. This is particularly beneficial for those recovering from an existing injury, but is awesome for anyone.

Physiotherapist Neil Ross has an extensive background working with the Canadian and Australian National and Olympic cycling and mountain bike teams – so he certainly has some knowledge to bring to your bike fitting! He’ll make sure that your bike – whether it’s brand new, or your old and trusted steed – supports your body’s full health & proper movement.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy can provide immediate pain relief and improved mobility, thanks to acoustic waves of high energy being applied to the affected area. It can be an effective alternative to painkiller medication or even surgery!

These treatments can successfully clear pain from issues such as tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, tendonopathy, shoulder pain, and more. It can reverse chronic inflammation, help new blood vessels form, speed up collagen production, dissolve calcified fibroblasts, and relive trigger points.

Don’t worry, this treatment isn’t painful! Some patients do report some slight discomfort, but with immediate relief of their symptoms afterward. With so many benefits, this might be the perfect addition to your healing program. 

Electro-physical Modalities

If your physiotherapist feels like it would be a good fit with your unique rehabilitation plan, they might suggest an electrophysical modality, such as ultrasound, LASER, IFC (Interferential Current), or TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).

We know these words might seem big and intimidating, but they can be incredibly effective methods of managing pain. They involve electrical devices applied to the injury site, and – don’t worry! – the procedure is totally painless.

These modalities can increase blood flow to the area, relax tissues and muscles, and break down scar tissue. But perhaps most importantly, they can finally relieve you of deep-seated pain in the body!