How do you move?

Kinesiology is, essentially, the study of how we move our bodies. It sounds simple, but is so important! Our movement patters play a huge role in our athletic performance, in injury prevention (and recovery!), and chronic pain.

Over time, our bodies learn movement patterns, and they become so ingrained that we barely notice them. It may seem like we are moving “normally”, when we may actually be moving our bodies in ways that compensate for a little bit of pain, or that aren’t ideal because of the demands of our work.

Often, these faulty mechanics are the cause of recurrent injuries and chronic pain. But, don’t worry: there’s a fix! An exercise program, designed uniquely for you, that focuses on function and precise movement control, can have your body moving optimally again.

Our well-trained kinesiologists work in part with the FMS, or Functional Movement Systems, a modern and sophisticated system that provides us with the formulas and tools to help you move freely, comfortably, and confidently.


Corrected movement can restore your body’s natural balance and wellbeing, allowing you to work past your injuries and live pain-free. Not only that, kinesiology is an excellent preventative tool, to help you avoid future injury and preform your very best on a daily basis.