Ryan Sleik

After graduating from McMaster University in 2003, Ryan worked for 2 years in Guelph Ontario with the Arbour Health Group and then moved back home to the East Kootenay's. He and his business partner Kari Loftsgard opened Creekside Physiotherapy in 2011. He began his education at the College of the Rockies and completed his Masters of Science in Psychology at the University of Lethbridge before becoming a graduate student. His Masters Thesis examined the relationship between attention and anxiety and their effects on motor control and balance. His research inspired him to continue his education in Physiotherapy so he could gain hands on skills to compliment and further his knowledge in treating vestibular and other balance and dizziness related disorders.

Ryan joined the Shift Concussion Management Group in 2015 and has integrated concussion management into his practice. His background in vestibular rehabilitation and pain management has been an asset in working with post-concussive disorders. He has complimented his training with further education in chronic pain management through Pain BC, disability management with the Progressive Disability Management Program (PGAP) and completed the rigorous training to achieve a Certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation through Emory University in Atlanta. Recently, Ryan has started teaching concussion management with the Shift Concussion Management clinical team and is their first Level 2 trained therapist in Western Canada.

Although his primary interest is in vestibular and concussion care, Ryan continues to maintain his orthopaedic skills. He is an FMS trained provider and was the first person to run the GLA:D Osteoarthritis program in BC. He consults with research teams at York University and the University of Toronto and is the Kootenay/Columbia representative for the Rural and Remote Committee of the Physiotherapy Association of BC.

Ryan enjoys running and spending time on the open waters of Kootenay Lake during the summer and skiing through the winter with his wife Joanna and daughter Ruby. He and Joanna completed Ironman Canada in 2009. 

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