Neil Ross

Neil graduated from University of Toronto in 1994 with an Honours Bachelor of Science, a postgraduate Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 1998, and a research Master's degree in Rehabilitation Science in 2000. He also holds advanced qualifications in strength and conditioning, exercise physiology and coaching. Neil has broad experience in orthopaedic and neurological physiotherapy, complex and chronic conditions, and modern approaches to pain and function.

Many people come to physiotherapy with pain as the primary complaint that impacts the activities they enjoy and the balance in their lives. This has led Neil to a specific focus on pain and the other defensive systems of the body as a primary consideration, not just a symptom. Chronic problems often have more than one source, and these sources are often not where you feel your pain. Neil assesses the whole body to identify and address other contributing sources to your problem to design lasting solutions involving gentle manual therapy techniques, education, and movement.

In addition to 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist, Neil has held coaching, sport science and strength and conditioning roles at international levels of sport including World Championships and Olympic Games, and has a specific expertise in bike fitting. He has recently returned to Canada with his young family after a decade in Australia.

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