Vestibular Rehabilitation and Balance Training

If you have problems with dizziness, vertigo, or imbalance, vestibular rehabilitation and balance training may be for you.  Ryan has been practicing vestibular rehabilitation for the past 8 years and has a Masters of Science in Kinesiology with a research focus on balance problems in older adults.  After a thorough assessment he will explain the likely cause of your problem and provide treatment or exercises that will help reduce or eliminate your symptoms.  Often a follow up report will be provided to your family doctor or specialist.

Common problems that we can assist with:
  • BPPV (Epley Maneuver)
  • Post Concussive Disorders and related dizziness
  • Motion sensitivity
  • Balance problems from neurological disease such as Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Brain and Spinal Cord Injury etc.
  • Age related balance problems

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