Concussion Treatment

Treat of post-concussion symptoms requires a thorough examination and and understanding of the impact and interaction of several different functional processes. In fact, current best practice recommendations suggest that concussion treatment should be conducted with a team approach that includes support from a variety of resources.  Our goal on your first visit is to assess and determine your specific needs and develop a plan that includes your doctor, and may include our team, your coach, employer or teacher, and community resources to ensure that you have a full recovery. We use standardized and evidence-based assessment techniques to to fully understand all aspects related to your care. We strive to follow the Canadian Guidelines on Concussion in Sport and the Guidelines for Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury provided by the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation.

Your first appointment will include obtaining a thorough understanding of your history and symptoms, assessing your head, neck and trunk, vestibular-oculomotor screening, and specific vestibular testing. If necessary, we may perform exertion-based heart rate and blood pressure testing and neurocognitive screening using the ImPACT neurocognitive test. Our goal is to fully determine the nature of your symptoms to help better direct your treatment care pathway.

Ryan is trained in understanding the different aspects of your injury and how they can interact and is able to help determine a treatment plan and if outside referral to other specialists is necessary. Treating concussion related symptoms in a rural region is challenged by a lack of specialists but with clear communication with you family doctor and other community services such as Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Counseling services we are able to help facilitate all aspects of your care.

Ryan Sleik is the first Level 2 trained therapist in Western Canada through the Shift Concussion Management Program. His background in treating vestibular and dizziness disorders and Certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation helps provide background knowledge in this area. He has been an instructor with the team at Shift Concussion for the past 2 years. The rest of our team includes Dr. Yvonne Keyzer (Sports Medicine) who can help provide further assessment with your family doctors referral, Neil Ross PT who is a Level 1 provider with Shift and has extensive experience in Olympic level athletic and performance training, Kari Loftsgard PT for IMS and acupuncture, Shenoa Runge and Hali Duncan (Kinesiologists) to help train you to move better, and Robyn Lancaster and Karen Janicek (RMT) for soft tissue treatment. At times we may include help from Ross and Kirsten Guest or Lisa Steels (RYT yoga therapists) to help incorporate gentle movement, breathing, and relaxation strategies to help manage symptoms better.

We accept all types of injuries including those from sport-related accidents, motor vehicle accidents, trauma, and slips and falls and are able to bill extended insurance, ICBC, Worksafe BC and MSP based on your qualification. We can treat you with or without a baseline test and are able to interpret any previous baseline information you may have.  For more information on Baseline Testing see our Concussion FAQ or click here.

Please see our Concussion FAQ page for more details on other questions you may have.

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