Bike Fitting

A professional bike fit is intended for people who have trouble getting comfortable on their bikes or have a new bike they want specifically fitted to their body. We differ from your local bike store fitting in that we use a physical examination of your flexibility and unique body characteristics to help to get your bike fitting you right. This is particularly important for people who may have an existing injury that may make normal bike fitting difficult.

Physiotherapist Ryan Sleik is an avid cyclist and triathlete, completing Ironman Canada in 2009. He was trained through Bike Fit Physio that uses the principles of FIST and SICI in bike fitting and analysis. Most bike fits are booked on the hour and include a physical assessment and the provision of corrective exercises if needed. 
Creekside Physiotherapy Running Analysis

Whether you have a persistent injury or would like to improve your performance a running analysis might be the right for you. Your history, training regime, and particularly information from a detailed physical assessment will be used to enhance your running gait analysis.

Physiotherapist Joanna Sleik has taken specialized training through The Running Clinic, a Canadian organization that trains therapists in the most recent and advanced techniques in running analysis. She is one of the only registered clinicians between Vancouver and Calgary to have this certification and is a runner and triathlete herself. Please see for more information on the The Running Clinic.

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